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  • Why Is Navarre a Great Place to Live?

    Sunday, July 31, 2016   /   by Amy Londre

    Why Is Navarre a Great Place to Live?

    Thousands of people are moving to Navarre every year.   From Northerners getting away from the cold, military with PCS orders to Hurlburt, Eglin, Whiting Field, or NAS, or retirees looking for a great place to spend their retirement years, we find our population growing every day.  So why are people discovering Navarre, FL?

    1.  Affordable house prices - Given the close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Navarre has some of the most affordable housing prices in Florida.  Whether you are looking for your dream home on the Gulf of Mexico, a home upgrade on the Sound or Bay, a great family home, starter home, a home downsize for retirement, or investment home, you find there are homes for every budget and lifestyle. 

    2.  Low Crime Rates - While no city is completely free of crime, Navarre remains one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

    3.  High Ranking School District - In comparison to the rest of the schools in Florida, Navarre and Holley-Navarre schools have been some of the highest ranking in Florida consistently, year after year.

    4.  Unbelievably beautiful beaches - Navarre Beach is one of the most beautiful, emerald water beaches in the Gulf of Mexico.  With a protected State Park area to the East, the Gulf Islands National Seashore to the West (offering 8 miles of undeveloped gulf front views with roadways to drive, walk or bike), an artificial reef and the longest fishing pier in Florida at 1545 ft., it is a favorite among locals and tourist alike.

    5.  Great Weather - With an average high of 61 and low of 43 in January, an average high of 77 and low of 59 in April, an average high of 90 and low of 74 in July, and an average high of 80 and low of 60 in October, you will likely find time to enjoy the outdoors!

    6.  Environmental Protection - Along with the State of Florida, the Navarre Beach Marine Science station proactively educates our youth about the delicate balance of our local wildlife and aquatic wildlife. There is focus on the protection of the Black Skimmer birds who religiously return to the same spot each year to lay eggs, the continual protection of Sea Turtles, and community beach clean up days, there is always a priority on keeping our environment clean, cared for, and appreciated.

    7.  Slower Pace of Living - Since much of Navarre's focus has been on keeping our area a family oriented community, there is a slower pace of living.  There is much less traffic, smog, crime and chaos than you will find in bigger cities, and even some of Florida's tourist oriented cities.

    8.  Opportunities for New Business - With a strong military foundation, a growing population, Navarre's unincorporation, and many opportunities for new businesses that will fulfill the community's needs, any experienced and creative minded entrepreneur will find an avenue to pursue free enterprise.

    9.  Less tourist traffic - While many families find Navarre Beach a great place to vacation, and locals find Navarre a great place to live, you will generally not find the heavy tourist traffic you find in some of our neighboring cities.  For tourists looking for a slower paced family vacation, or for locals who love to partake in all of the tourist activities without living in the middle of it, Navarre is the place for you!

    10.  Great Place to Raise Children - Since Navarre has one of the best school districts in Florida, there is a lower crime rate than most cities in the US, there are many festivals and activities to participate in, there are affordable home prices, generally larger lot sizes, beautiful beaches, a fabulous Navarre Children's Park on the Sound, and great weather for children to play in, many people who move to the area find Navarre is the place to raise their family.

    11.  Housing Investments - With many affordable home purchase opportunities and a strong Rental market, many people are looking to buy a home for themselves and a home for additional income and/or assets.